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About Northcoast Hardware

North Coast Hardware (est. 2010), owned and operated by Nicole & Jason Holowchak, has been growing into a one-stop-shop Hardware Center. The people that shop here know, what sets us apart from all the other Hardware Stores is our Customer Service. We can only be as good as our team, and here they are.


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Jason Holowchak

Founder and CEO.
He and his better half are the engine that keep Northcoast running smoothly.

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Nicole Holowchak

Founder and CEO.
She and her husband are the engine that keep Northcoast running smoothly.

Reva Simpson


Reva is our accounts department head. She is a huge asset to our company and we are tremendously grateful for all of the hard work and dedication she puts into her job daily. Oh and she will also chase you down if you owe us a dollar, lol!


Wayne Benjamin


Wayne is the guy that is here to open our doors at the start of the day and there at closing. He is rock solid reliable, a tremendously hard worker, a wonderful supervisor and salesman at NCH. Oh and I’m sure he has developed some thick skin over the years from the occasional “busing” he gets from customers, lol! He is a huge asset to our company and we are very grateful for this.


Jason Simon


Jason Simon is the man behind the operation of our smaller village walk branch. He is rock solid reliable, hard working and a joy to be around. We are blessed to have him as part of our team here at NCH. Oh and just like wayne I’m sure he too has some thick skin from dealing with customers, lol!


Leslie Scholl

Lumberyard Supervisor

Leslie is our leader in the lumberyard. He keeps things out there running smoothly and keeps customers happy. Customers always ask for Leslie because of his great customer service. Oh and he is the man that can fix anything, he never ceases to amaze us with this! Blessed to have him on our team!


Sheriffa Dublin

Office Admin

Sheriffa is the longest standing employee here at NCH, nearly 10 years! We are forever grateful to have her here with us and she is a great asset to our company. She is small in size but mighty at her job! Blessed that she is here with us at NCH.


Donalie Andrew

Paint Specialist

Donalie is one of our longest standing employees, she has been with us since our early days. Many of our paint customers only want to be assisted by Donalie because of her great customer service. We are happy she is part of our team.


Dwight Williams

Paint Specialist

Dwight is the most gentle, quiet, soft spoken person you could imagine. He is a joy to have here with us at NCH, very easy going and helpful. Oh and don’t talk about his physical strength, I think he may be related to Hulk! Blessed to have Dwight here with us.


Kernel Stevens

Paint Specialist

Kernel has a vast knowledge of anything paint related. He is always pleasant and easy to work with. He is known for the time and energy he puts into each and every one of our paint customers. We appreciate him greatly.


Damean Farell

Sales Person

Damean is quiet and reserved but always has a smile on his face. He is always working away at his job, always busy helping customers and we feel blessed to have him as a team member here at NCH.


Chad Xavier

Sales Person

Chad is one of our great NCH sales team members. He delivers you awesome customer service with a smile on his face. Chad is promoting NCH at every opportunity he has and we are very happy to have him on board here at NCH.


Carolyn Humphries


Carolyn is our 2019 employee of the year! She is an all-around wonderful employee, so grateful for her being here with us. Customers love her and often compliment her customer service skills. We are forever grateful to her for her dedication to our company. Oh and she has some crazy good dance moves too as shown at our 2019 staff Christmas party, lol!


Fern LeBlanc


Fern is absolutely wonderful at her job! Always smiling and happy and very patient with our customers, also very reliable at her job. Happy to have her here with us.


Cleofoster Simon


Cleo is Mr Smiley. Always smiling and in a good mood, helps with whatever needs to get done. He is the guy that will get you your goods delivered with a smile on his face. Lucky to have him here with us.


Jarema Sheppard


Rema is a hard working young man. He is always pleasant and respectful. He is the guy who will help you with all your needs in the lumberyard. We enjoy his personality and enjoy having him here with us at NCH.


Vilma Laville


Vilma is tiny but full of smiles. She is always laughing and happy and is a pleasure to be around. Vilma maintains the inside of our store and does a great job at it, we get many compliments on the organization and cleanliness of our business and this is due in large to her hard work and efforts. We are grateful to her and enjoy having here here at NCH.


Albert Jackson


Jackson is one of our hard working drivers. You want your goods delivered, Jackson will get them there to you with a smile on his face. Pleased to have him be a part of our NCH team.