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  1. Painting with Emulsion Paint

    Painting with Emulsion Paint

    Hello there, are you new to painting? Not sure of the difference between Emulsion and Enamel paint? We're here to help you, so let's get started.


    What is Emulsion paint?

    Emulsion is water-based paint, with vinyl or acrylic resins added to make the finish hardwearing. This results in varying degrees of sheen – generally, the shinier the finish, the tougher the paint. Use for interior walls and ceilings. Now that we've gained a little education on how we can use our emulsion paint. we can move on to the steps involved.


    Step 1 - Surface Prep

    Surface preparation is very important and helps you to not use an excessive amounts of paint for your project, but it involves quite a few levels. 


    Level 1 includes: Filling and sanding.

    If the area that you want to prep for painting has any hairline cracks or e

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  2. No Unfair Tax

    Say No To Unfair Tax

    To all our Valued Customers.

    The freedom and variety we enjoy in Antigua’s paint marketplace not only provides high-quality brands to you but just as important, it provides employment and support to entrepreneurs who have invested in our nation for years.
    The new taxes will affect, all but one company, negatively, leaving the others unable to compete and essentially creating a monopoly.

    "You have a right to choice and quality at an affordable price." -Jason Holowchak


    Paint retailers across Antigua are demanding equal access to the premium products supplied by Harris Paints. Harris Paints – the leading paint company in the Caribbean – purchased the assets of Lee Wind Paint in 2018 to become the sole paint manufacturer. The government recently implemented an increase on regional and extra-regional duty to give the local manufacturer a competitive edge. However, local retailers like Jason Holowchak, the co-owner of North Coast Hardware, told Obser

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  3. Covid 19 Response

    Committed to our Northcoast Family

    To all our Valued Customers.

    We are in this together is not a new sentiment to North Coast Hardware. We have always considered you, as a part of our family. The North Coast Hardware family’s main concern at this time is your health, so we are adhering to the recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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